misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Dancing Fool

Last night we had dance rehearsals for the scene in Best Little Whorehouse where I'm a part of the evangelical dance troupe.  I love the choreography - it's hilarious.  Joey was subbing for absent evangelical dancer #2, and I was lucky enough to have him for a partner.  He says he learned his moves back in the '80's when he was really into partner dancing.  With his help, I learned the move where your partner squats down, reaches between his legs, yoinks you through them and you go flying up into the air.  I am STOKED.  Also, Joey totally cracks me up, and we were improvising some of our most ridiculous Texas dance moves whenever Fish had her back turned, and it looks like some of his are actually going to make it into the show.

Later last night I went dancing at the Milky Way - was pleasantly surprised that it was live band again this week.  On the one hand, I am sick to death of singing "99 Red Balloons," which is one of only two songs they do that I know.  On the other hand, now that I know the thing by heart, I can tear up the stage extra hard.  

Last weekend I went out dancing with Susan and friends at Sal's in Philly.  They weren't in as much of a dancing mood, but luckily I made new dancing friends; this girl Shiree and her friend Alex.  Shiree acts like she owns the place, and is one of those rare people who tries to make everyone in the room feel welcome; specifically by inviting them to chair dance with her.  I gave it a shot, borrowed some moves from Singin' and made them look a little more Flashdance.  Shiree asked me if I was a "professional."  Hello, new best friend in the 215.

I danced a lot with Alex, who seemed like a really sweet kid and the two of us were jumping around like lunatics.  Now, there are times when I dance with intent, and the rest of the time I dance just for the sake of dancing.  You can tell the difference because one is *slutty* and the other is totally goofy and frenetic.  We were solidly in PG rated dance territory.  And when he kept asking me if I wanted to go sit somewhere, I kept declining, so I figured all my signals were clear.  So when he all of a sudden leaned in and planted one on me I was completely taken aback.  I felt the way narcs probably feel when they are embedded in a high school and one night they're at the popular kids' party and everyone is snorting coke and they do their big reveal.  Sorry kid, I hate to break it to you, but I live six hours away and I am here visiting my *little* sister, who is way older than you are.   A bit awkward, but still, all in all, a really fun night.  I haven't been out til 4am in a long time.

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