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Happy News

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Singin'!  People really seemed to love it, and it was a very cool thing to be a part of.  We also got DVDs of the show,  packaged and shrink-wrapped, shot from several different angles and edited, with R-rated outtakes -  production levels unheard of in community theater.  It's very weird to see, and especially hear myself, on tv.  I don't think I've seen video of me since my high school English project on Albert Camus, unless you count the Hair video, which I don't, because I was in a spacecake coma at the time.

In other news, I managed to miss both auditions for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, but was cast anyway.  Which is awesome, because I HATE auditions, especially the music part, since I don't know anything about musicals that I haven't been in.  It helps that my current music director and future music director are the same person, and I've worked with the director and choreographer before.  Ima be an Angelette, which basically means a lot of mock-Jesus-ey dancing, and I'm also going to play an olden-times 'ho in the beginning tableau.  Ah, who can resist the virgin whore?

And the final trills of me tooting my own horn: I was picked to be a leg model for the Footlight Club brochure for next season . . . and then they redesigned the shot and used all of me.  Dressed in my frou-frou pink outfit from Singin'.  Whooo!  I'm, like, totally famous in Jamaica Plain.  Nobody got paid for the shoot including the photographer, but I was tickled when I had to sign a release form that said if he ever sells this image of me for money, I get 10% of the risiduals.  Hah!  This is even better than the time this sketchy guy paid me a dollar to stand in front of this mural he was photographing because he liked my outfit.

Also, I had a totally kick-ass day on Saturday.  Hugh and I hit Babies R Us on our way to Luna Merry's first birthday party.  WHEN DID TOYS GET TO BE SO AWESOME?!?!?  After much deliberation I got her a Sesame Street soft pop-up book where you GET TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK with your favorite muppets; and the softest stuffed monkey ever manufactured.  Even better than playing with baby toys was getting to hang out with babies themselves; Luna is the most beautiful kid I've ever seen - she was happy and smiling and adorable all day long.  

The party was so well done.  But I have to say that it is a weird feeling having friends with kids.  There are adults I remember meeting when I wasn't much older than Luna.  I think I always assumed they were a lot like my parents.  It never crossed my mind that they might be total dirtbags like we are.  Case in point; Hugh and I were talking about something patently inappropriate, kind of off to the side, and just topping and topping the shock value, figuring nobody was paying attention or could hear us.  Then out of the corner of my eye I realized that Luna's grandfather was standing a foot away filming her big day - OMG if that mic was picking us up, it's making it on the unrated version of America's Funniest Home Videos.  

Later that afternoon I ran six miles around JP in the gorgeous sunshine, checked in at the Footlight for closing night festivities, went and got Chinese food where the 9-year-old kid who runs the place asked me how old I was and guessed 21 (bless you, child) and then we had a great final run and a sweet reception upstairs, where they screened the video of the show onstage, and I lingered until the late-night impromptu drag show was over.  Good times.
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