misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Singin' in the Rain

In honor of opening weekend, I give you RAIN.  Falling unceasingly all weekend.

Come out and see this show!  We're playing at the Footlight Club in JP, Fridays and Saturdays through April 19, with one matinee on April 13.  Tickets are still available for this weekend but we may very well sell out before the end of the run, so get your tickets now!  http://www.footlight.org/index.shtml  The show is looking great - loads of fun musical numbers, a zillion great costumes, fabulous leads, and some pretty cool stylistic choices.  

I'm in the ensemble, which means I am singing and dancing my way through four (4) scenes, and pulling triple duty as an audience member, stage hand, and rainmaker.  Michael Glashow is the Musical Director.  Rishi Basu plays the pervy producer, Rob Guptil plays the frazzled director, Noah Tobin is hamming it up vaudeville-style as the lead's best friend, and Rebecca Glucklich and Eleza Kort are fellow ensemble-members.

It'll be a blast!  Don't miss it.
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