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We finished watching Season I of Dexter last night, and In what might be considered an early V-Day present to Phil, I have agreed to watch Season II with him.  I have really mixed feelings about Dexter.  Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of vigilante violence.  But somehow I am not Republican enough to believe that it is always a good idea to kill the bad guys in the worst way possible.  The pleasure Dexter derives from psychologically torturing people in their final moments is something I can't get behind; I always wind up siding with the underdog, which in these cases would be the defenseless person strapped to the table with box tape.  Also, I have a problem with needles and other surgical instruments.  Also also, I find a lot of the Harry sequences schmaltzy and totally unbelievable.  Also also also, I identify so much with the women on this show, that I start to wonder how many people I've dated who were just hiding their sociopathology all along, and I don't think we've ever watched an episode without me asking Phil to promise he's not a serial killer before we go to bed.

However, the final couple of episodes were so good my heart was actually racing in parts.  And the bottom line is, I have a lot of fun watching with him, whether it's because I just had a total flinching freak-out and he's laughing at me, or because we're having a spirited debate about how fucked up the show is.  So happy V-Day to my persistent Valentine!
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