misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

I want a do-over!

So I went to my friend Nick's birthday party Saturday - only I was a day late. So I had to confront one of my longest held fears, dating back to the first day I ever left my mom in a friend's driveway, clutching a big dumb birthday present and got the sweats. The present made it ten times worse, b/c without it, you could always be like, hey, I was in the neighborhood, heard you were having chicken with stove top, heh heh. But the present means they know that you got out of bed with real expectations for your day. Mortifying.

Nick, being Nick, was gratious, and I was glib, and Matt behaved, so it really wasn't that bad. Except of course that I was at home Friday night being stood up when I could have been out dancing 'til dawn with a bunch of seminarians. Oh, it was also probably uncool that given our surroundings Matt and I kept making religious/apocalyptic remarks, and then apologizing for them, which was even more awkward. So we knocked back our tap water and got the h-e-double hockey sticks out of there.
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