misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

This is me giving up on you

Well, it looks like I've been stood up by my future roommate. Not sure how I feel about that. I held out for awhile, but a girl can only eat cashews and watch The Simpsons for so long. Half an hour, to be exact. Unless they're showing back to back episodes. Dude! I am so ready to throw the tv in the basement. It's taking over my life. Screw you, winter. I want to play outside with my friends.

Anyway, I've given up and now I'm taking up the phone line talking to you.

Today was pretty cool. I woke up to a phone call from my mother saying that I'm her personal hero. Not something to be taken lightly. I guess my debate skills came through, after all.

At work, we were trouble shooting for flakiness, which is a generative process. But what if you're dealing with someone flaky? What if they're really flaky? What if they're even more flaky than that? Like that. Never ends really - we're not union.

What's funny about it is that we're such a laid-back office, usually, but we're all over-achievers, so every now and then we think about worst worst worst case scenerios, and then we're stuck making files in triplicate until 6pm. This ties right in to . . .

Favorite Conversation

W. and I started talking about, ok, we've thought of everything, but what's our emergency action plan for when I'm in the burn unit and someone drops a dirty bomb on one of the sites, while it's snowing. W. was saying that we should get one of those life alert things that has a button for, "I'm in the burn unit and I can't call the participants in time!" By the end of the day, we were dragging, and I was like, at least we're covered. "Oh, yeah, how much more covered could we get?" Yes, I said, we're wearing our security burqua.

I can't think of any top 5 lists that aren't heavily incriminating today. ciao!
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