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The 40-Minute Christmas Dinner

 If you are a Thornton Wilder fan or you have a reason to be in Jamaica Plain the weekend of December 14, or you have a Victoriana fetish, you should come see me in The Long Christmas Dinner.  Deceptively titled, this is a SHORT one-act play depicting 90 depressing years in the life of a family as they sit around the holiday table.  GASP as I give birth effortlessly right before your eyes.  REEL as I become moodier and more religious with each passing second.  THRILL as each cast member walks through the death portal to their DOOM!

Showtimes are 8pm Friday Dec. 14 & Sat. Dec. 15, 2pm Sunday Dec. 16.  Tickets are only $5.  I'm playing Lucia, the matriarch.  Hugh is playing my drunken husband, Roderick; Rachel is playing my fertile daughter-in-law, Leonora; and Kristin is delivering a whole lot of babies as the Nurse.

1. I OWN MY OWN CAR!!  Made the last payment this month, and the old girl's still running.  I haven't been this excited about aging five years since the year 2000.  

2. I got certified to teach Nia in September, but I've been in constant rehearsals since then, so I haven't done a damn thing with it.  But I FINALLY started talking to people at my job about reserving space in the dance studio, which has proved surprisingly easy, so I think I'm going to start nailing down some routines and maybe having some practice classes before I start trying to find paying gigs.  I know it seems like a small thing, but I'm thinking of it as an innoculation against procrastination.  If I can commit to a night or two a week to really work on this stuff, I could actually get somewhere with it.

3. Now that it is frikkin freezing out, there is no place in the world I'd rather be than in Mexico with Phil.  And that's fortunate, because in a mere 20 days and 5 hours, vamos al aeropuerto de Cancun!!  I can't wait!  We are going to swim in the ocean and snorkel in underground rivers and climb pyramids and listen to little kids talk to monkeys in Spanish and drink tequila and dance all night and sleep in a little hut on the beach lit only by candlelight.  I know it's slightly crazy to have booked this trip before we've even crossed state lines together, but I'm not the least bit worried.  Things are awesome.  

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