misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

Christmas Wish List

Birthday Party stuff: 

Rousing classical music from the 1890's for my Devil in the White City Masquerade Birthday Ball (details to follow)

Anything I could use to make my opera singer costume for said Masquerade Birthday Ball

Calendar with 1890's images

Any found items from the 1890's that would add ambience

Housey stuff:

Wall clock (I currently have to look at my thermostat to see what time it is because I don't know how to program the microwave.  That is pathetic and sad.)

Ikea CD cabinet to match the other 2 I have 

Bookcase - please NOT from Ikea, I actually want it to be made of wood and last more than one move

Bench with shoe storage 

Patio furniture - table, any kind of chairs that don't suck like my current uncomfortable plastic ones

Light jars - I've been seeing them everywhere lately - they store up solar light all day, and glow for six hours at night.  

Candles - Christmasy or otherwise

Table linens - Anything to replace the threadbare sheets I currently use.  Table cloths, table runners, whatever.  The trick is that I have both a square and a round table that I use in tandem, and I have nothing that matches.

Dinner party journal - on the one hand, it seems like a total extravagance.  On the other hand, we throw so many great potlucks that it's criminal not to have some kind of a record of it.  At least, it's a criminal offense in OCDland, which is where I reside.

Shower curtain liner - Have you seen mine?  It's disgusting.  And sadly, I have a better chance of being knighted than in getting around to buying myself one.

Gift certificate to Home Depot - so I can finish winterizing my place

Other stuff:

Headphones that don't suck - earbuds SUCK.  I don't care what gimmick they are using to attach them to your head.  I should be able to run at top speed without having little speakers dangling on strings behind me.

Cooler - How do *I* not own a cooler??  I ask myself this question semi-annually.  A collapsable one might be nice.

Subscriptions to Newsweek and Marie Claire

Yoga classes at Blissful Monkey in JP

Nia classes at Samadhi in Newton

Dance classes at the Dance Complex in Cambridge



Books that will change my life

Music I don't know I like yet

Freaks & Geeks on DVD

The Hair Yearbook: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/project/9Ebsm7lq5Yes/landing  It's a total extravagance, but oh, how I covet this book.

Downhill skis & boots (I wear an 8 1/2 wide.  And would be happy with second or third-hand gear)

To wake up Christmas morning to find that Santa has scanned and uploaded all of my polaroids onto the Facebook account I don't even have yet.  I would also be very grateful for polaroid film, which is damn expensive.

A Toyota Yaris

My own private racquetball court

A trampoline and a pit to put it into

A sushi bar in my house with walls made of tanks full of moon jellyfish.  Also, a sushi chef.

Thousands of unmarked pesos in a duffle bag (for my TRIP to MEXICO with Phil!!!)

A 10-Year contract between the Milky Way and the Nickel & Dime band

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