misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

I wish I had her street cred

 OMG.  This baby just walked in my office.  Her mom was picking her up to leave, and the kid started doing that baby wave at me so her mom brought her over.  She totally initiated the Williamsburg punch fist with me and then made this high-society kiss face.  You slay me, mystery baby!  No white baby could ever be as cute as you.  My kids will look like larvae stuffed in winter coats. 

In other news, we FINALLY blocked out the nude scene in Hair last night.  Such a frikkin' relief.  I'm generally pretty confident, but every single day spent in anticipation of last night, I think I started hating a new body part.  A few more days and I would have been down to eyelashes and cuticles.  So, hurrah! we did it, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, though the lights were verrrrry low this first time, for our comfort.  The good news is, the change is so quick we have no time to think about it.  The bad news is, since we've just spent an hour and a half under all the lights, we start stripping and it smells like a gym back there.  And we're all stripping together, guys and girls, and it is basically the narrowest locker room conceiveable - we have a running joke that our first review will read, "Entire Cast of Hair Pregnant."  However the good(er) news is that when you are throwing your clothes off in so small a space, you only have room to look each other in the eyes so there is a lot less room for embarassment.  

I also learned that while most of the men are fully nude, I'm one of only two girls who are.  (Lots of topless girls, and a few abstainers.)  I feel pretty good about that.  It gets a little dicey though, because my parents are coming, and I didn't mention that the nudity was optional.  But even though I could technically prude it up the night they're there, at this point there's no way I'm leaving the one other girl out in the cold.   


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