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Shout out

I know I've been absent lately.  I do have a new blog which is taking up much of my computing time:


I am also in Albany for a week-long intensive which will qualify me to teach Nia.  I'm thrilled about this, but it does mean 11-hour days of class.  So frikkin' exhausted.

Oh, by the way, the best thing about doing the web research for my other blog is that I come across such gems as this:

It IS possible to rent midgets! Look in your local phone book for talent agents and ask them if they represent any midgets. I hired two for my wedding reception. It was expensive though. $175.00 an hour, two hour minimum. I had them come to the reception in tuxedoes and mingle with the guests seperatly then spot each other from across the room. At that point they charged each other to the center of the room and roled around on the floor fighting for about a minute, one jumped up and ran off and the other one chased him out of the room and they just ran off and disappeared. No explanation, nothing. It was pricless. Worth every penny.

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