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So much for gender equality

This morning I walked out to my car to discover that I had a flat.  Through a miraculous confluence of events, my neighbor Phil who I've never even clapped eyes on before, was standing outside with his firefighter buddies watching the road workers tear up our street.  He offered to change my tire and thank God he did - don't tell my dad, who vainly tried to teach me how to do this 12 years ago, but if Phil hadn't come along, I guarantee I would have been in tears and about an hour late for work.  Or I would have tried to make a run for it to the gas station and potentially had an incident worthy of the Marshfield Demolition Derby.

Anyway, as if this wasn't emasculating enough - wait.  I'm a girl.  Efeminating enough? - I must admit that I have no idea where to go by an actual life-size tire to replace this little donut.  Hollah at me with your automotive advice.

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