misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

New Projects

First, I am starring as Toad in this weekend's production of The Wind in the Willows. It's only $5, and it's free for kids under 12. In case you can't read the teeny tiny typeface, it's playing at 7:30 on Fri/Sat, and at 2 on Sat/Sun. It's adapted and directed by Dan Bourque, produced by Kristin MacDougall, and it features Kristopher as Badger, Shannon as Mole, Brad as Otter, and Ace and Brashani are members of the ensemble. Hope to see you there!

Second, I got cast for the ensemble in Hair! If you have a moral objection to seeing me dance nekkid, I'll tell you when to shield your eyes.

Third, September 22-28 I'll be in Albany for a nia teacher training intensive, which I'm psyched about.

And fourth, I'm embarking on a new project, which was suggested to me by Shannon, and also in a way by a random guy on craigslist who almost paid me $200 to ghostwrite a proposal letter to his girlfriend (they broke up before I could write it, I never heard from him again). I'm starting a ghostwriting blog: http://love-hatemail.livejournal.com/.  If you want to befriend me on LJ, it's love_hatemail.  All letter requests will be kept confidential, and proper nouns changed to protect anonymity.  You can check out the full explanation in the user info.  Today's letter: A skunk liscence for my pet skunk, Eric.


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