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It's been a busy few weeks.  I just got back from my family reunion in New York, and before that I was in Maine with Kristopher on his roots tour, where we ate vociferous amounts of seafood and I was converted to the Order of the Whoopie Pie: disguised as a homemade Devil Dog, with a name that is embarassing for anyone out of diapers to intone, it nevertheless wants to make sweet love to your face, and YOU WILL LET IT, no matter how much diabetic guilt you feel in the morning.

Interesting fact you may not know about my family: You might be fooled by our mediocre skills, but we are hardcore competitive volleyball players.  Somehow three days after the fact, the bones in my arms feel still like they were hit with a tire iron, I have purple bruises on my forearms from some overhand wallops, and a deep purple bruise on my thumb.  That one is especially striking, as there is a bright white circle in the center where my thumb bone is.  This thumb also made family volleyball history, as in the middle of our fifth game someone asked me, "geez, that sounded like it hurt," and I looked down to see my thumb knuckle spurting blood.  I held the record for number of times landing in the splits, and also, in game six, I stepped wrong in the sand and managed to sprain my damn knee.  I keep feeling the need to explain to concerned strangers that I'm not the victim of domestic violence.  

In other news, I just got cast as Toad in The Wind in the Willows, which will be playing one weekend only at the Footlight at the end of August.  That should be interesting.

And finally, I had a few people over a couple weeks ago for a mix-tape swap - which my lawyer and friend pointed out is completely illegal.  I hope that when they arrest me they refer to me as Entertainment Radical MissLizzers, 28.  Please note: this is my most realistic career ambition to date.  

Without incriminating anyone, I would like to say that my friends A&M brought their baby who is favored to win the title of Cutest Baby Ever.  She's two months old and has already been to two of my parties.  That is some serious street cred, right there.

Oh yeah!  And my cousin Lauren has decided to go to Mass Art in the fall, and I'm really excited.  She's awesome.  She acts about five years older than her age, and I figure I act about five years younger, so we get along great.  Because I am her cousin, and because I have obsessive compulsive disorder, I matted a giant map of Boston and the surrounding environs and then stuck little flags in all the places she should check out, and arrows pointing the way to places like the Museum of Bad Art.  Come orientation week, that should make her more friends than a well-stocked mini-fridge.

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