misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

So good it's sick

Kristopher got us free tickets to the sneak preview of Sicko, the new Michael Moore movie.  Do this country a favor and go see it.  Even better, drag a couple people  who don't believe in universal health care and watch their minds get blown.  Seriously, unless you have a heart of stone and a million dollar trust fund, you are going to be deeply moved.  

After Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 we've come to expect a few things.  Moore is funny as usual, as he hams it up dumb-American style, and takes us on a tour of socialized medicine around the world.  Domestically, he knows right where to hold up the mirror to reflect the tragedies of our health care system.  And as you would expect, he rakes up the muck and serves it to you cafeteria-style.

But this is his most sensitive work yet, and instead of ambushing government officials and making his audience squirm, he just talks to people who want to talk to him; people who have worked inside HMO's and can hardly sleep at night; people who have lost their loved ones to bureaucratic greed, and some of the millions of satisfied customers in Canada and abroad.  He doesn't have to get anyone to badmouth this country - he just lets healthy tax-paying French families, American expatriate new mothers, affluent NHS-paid doctors, quality of life statistics, and accident-victims everywhere but here tell you that there is, in fact, a better way, and everything we've been told up to now is a lie.

For the climax of this masterwork, Moore rounds up some 9/11 victims who were volunteers and as such are not covered by the government for their chronic respiratory ailments and traumatic stress symptoms, and he loads them on a boat to Cuba, where they are treated at the exact level of care a Cubano would expect - which includes a free hospital stay and unlimited tests until they figure out what your problem is.  The inhalers for a woman who hasn't stopped coughing in five years?  They're $128 a pop here.  In Cuba? 5 cents.  Watching some incredibly selfless, patriotic people realize how much they have been shafted by their country, the richest and most militaristic on the goddamn planet, is brutal.  Michael Moore should be knighted.  Oh wait, we don't do that either.
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