misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

And God spake . . .

Thou shalt not work today.

Look at the friggin' blizzard!! I have not been to work in about a week. On the one hand I am getting sick of my room and my vegetable brain, on the other, when I do roll in today at noon, I will be a hero instead of a pathetic slacker with a bad back. So what if yesterday I watched three cycles of the same stand-up on comedy central? It's all part of the healing process, baby. That and Domino's cheesy bread. with garlic butter sauce, of course. As if you need ask.

Also, the snow is shielding me from what would surely have been an awkward night. I was planning on going to a reading down the shore, where 10 to 1 odds say I would run into the poet I never officially broke up with. That was the old lizard at work. The new lizard initiates difficult conversations and says things like, "I don't think we should be involved." The old lizard was not afraid of making messes. The new lizard is an emotional neat freak. Of course, the new, reponsible lizard has not yet run into someone on their own turf, unfamiliar with her new incarnation, and under the old rules of engagement, she deserves to be chewed up and spit out.

Favorite conversation:
Probably the last time I was able to speak with any levity was on line for the Godspeed concert with my sister and her friends. That was before the shit storm - the car accident, the cops, the ambulance, the getting lost in Camden and throwing my back out, and the endless domestic negotiations, which I would love to put to a jury of my peers. But, you know, three nights ago we were freezing our asses off for an hour in center city Philadelphia and having a grand old time. My sister was talking about her friend who picks his nose and eats it in the middle of production class, and it was so cold that comments like, "When you take something out, you can't put it back in! That's the rules! Then you're not a person - you're a recycling plant" seemed witty and daring. Probably, we were close to hypothermia. Anyway, the point is that I was happy to be hanging with my sister and friends of hers I like - Lenny and Mike for example.

Top 5 moments in television over the past 2 days:
5. Movies like Private Benjamin to help me fall asleep.
4. Watching Darlene put the moves on David - just before Dan (predictably) comes in the door.
3. Stephen Cobair's faith based religious afternoon foosball program for wayward she-males.
2. Watching two John Cusack movies simultaneously in an attempt to answer the age old question, is he sexier as a hitman or as a depressed record store owner?
1. Adrian Brody on The Daily Show. He is so my new boyfriend.
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