December 6th, 2012


Wedding season comes to a close

Back in October I rolled home from my 6th wedding this year - if you count my cousin's marriage to God back in June. I have eaten make-your-own fajitas! Cake pops! S'mores! The most heavenly little grilled cheese passed appetizers with teeny cups of tomato soup for dipping them in! I have eaten an entire ball of goat cheese, mistaking it for fresh mozzarella!

I have spent about 12 hours dancing like a crazed lunatic in 2 superhot recycled dresses. Made movie night box sets and popcorn seasonings, bought pasta acoutrements, knives, serving platters, cookbooks, an air mattress and bedding and books, books, books. I spent three solid hours photographing people with my instant camera. I've driven - and I do not exagerate - 50 hours. I saw my cousin chip a tooth on her sister's face. I've lost a bocce tournament, delivered a maid of honor speech, DeeJayed parts of two weddings, and officiated at my sister's wedding.

I forget where I was going with this. I started writing this post ages ago, but now I need to wrap it up as we are knee-deep in Christmas and I still haven't posted my annual Christmas list!
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Christmas wish list

Dear loved ones: If you are looking for ideas for things to get me, here are some things I have a yen for:

Birthday Party stuff:

The theme this year is The Red Scare! I'm on the hunt for great '50s music. If you want to burn me a disc that would be hugely appreciated.

And any random '50s artifacts and kitch - iconic, weird, whatever - that you could loan me would also be great.

I am still on the hunt for an awesome '50s costume & accessories! If you've got vintage dresses burning a hole in your closet, give me a call.

Housey stuff:

When LB moves out in March, so do her many nice things. To wit:

Kitchen timer

Toaster oven

Blender (actually, the blender is mine. But I am a genius and I left the bottom half of it on vacation in Vermont. Do you know what it's like to be the Bashionista without the ability to make frothy blended drinks? The past few months have been . . . difficult.)


Slow cooker

Stand-Up mixer (holy shit those things are expensive! I think 50% of marriages are caused by needing one.)

Flat-screen tv

Fancy-pants living room audio system

Hammock for the backyard

String of porch lights

Then there are the perennial items on my wish-list:

Last year I splurged on a really nice fancy scented candle in a glass jar with a sandalwood wick (I tend to like spicy, rich, perfumy scents, nothing floral or fruity). I like to light it while I'm cleaning my house. Whatever. It's what I do. It's lasted me the whole year, but last night it gave its little death rattle. The candle is dead! Long live the new candle?

I would love some new sheets with a high thread count. A couple years ago I splurged on sheets for the first time ever . . . they actually make it difficult to get out of bed. It would be great to have a second set for when they're in the wash.

Last year I finally started making good use of my front porch on a regular basis. Hallelujah! Having an outdoor folding table would make it even more usable. Also, hey! Let's go crazy and admit it; I would love some Adirondack chairs. And some cool outdoor lighting concepts - candlelit storm lanterns perhaps? Or the above string lights?

I'd really like a composter - apparently the gardeners at my building are not cool with piles of rotting food being left in a heap in the back yard. Oopsies!

I adore the folding table I have (that opens out in two big leaves and stores four chairs inside), but it is about one clumsily placed beer stein away from total collapse. So I should probably think about replacing it.

I received a great storage solution for my movie games a couple years ago, but now it's overflowing. I am fantasizing about getting a credenza from Ikea with deep drawers for storing games in. Bonus if it's sturdy enough for people to sit on if I've got a ton of people over to watch a movie.

Other stuff:
I have this great set of bike maps for Brookline and JP - they're laminated and they come in a pack of 5 or 6 routes. There are a bunch of other sets for all around Boston that I've had my eye on for ages.

Fancy beer to try

Fun clothes for teaching dance in

Calendars with 50's images, or hilarious daily calendars

Subscription to Marie Claire

Massage at Inman Oasis in Cambridge

Yoga classes at Blissful Monkey in JP


Books that you think I will love reading in San Francisco!

Snapfish gift certificate for my all my photo projects. Also, I could really use nice photo albums with the plastic film photo holders and space to write next to or underneath. PaperSource stopped carrying my favorite brand and now they just have weird and expensive odds and ends.

Fujifilm Instax (the credit-card size film)

Music I don't know I like yet. Or an itunes gift certificate.

A new ipod nano. My current ipod is old enough to graduate high school. Some days the menu button works on the first try, sometimes on the 85th try. The thing is gaslighting me.

A new, fancy camera with more manual functions/lenses. And photography lessons to go with it.

Gift certificate to Ten Tables

A wine bar (the piece of furniture, not the business)

A townhouse in JP

My own dance studio

A bill of sale for The (old) Milky Way and all its contents
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