December 2nd, 2011


Christmas Wish List

Dear loved ones: If you are looking for ideas for things to get me, here are some things I have a yen for:

Birthday Party stuff:

The theme this year is Goldfinger! I'm planning on utterly transforming my house. Anyone with the means or supplies for erecting a Turkish bazaar tent in my living room, I'm looking at you. Also I want to turn my dining room into The Factory which is going to require a sick amount of aluminum foil. Also, mylar balloons - giant pillow-shaped ones would be ideal. Art that uses mirror mosaics. And for the kitchen, I would love any hippie-type posters - you know, the kind that perennially show up in college dorms.

I am also on the hunt for great '60's music! If you want to burn me a disc that would be hugely appreciated.

And any random 60's stuff - iconic, weird, whatever - that you could loan me would also be great.

I am still on the hunt for an awesome 60's costume & accessories! If you've got vintage dresses burning a hole in your closet, give me a call.

Housey stuff:

Tupperware! Mom, the set of nesting containers you got me last year was perfect. I could totally use another set so I can finally throw away all my Chinese-food soup containers.

My garlic press up and died on me! So did my immersion blender! Not cool! I miss these items very much and having them replaced would add hours to my life.

I used to have a small, very nice bamboo cutting board, but it went for a walk. I still look for it every couple of months when I'm looking for a cheeseboard. I miss you, old girl.

Oh yeah, I also have no idea what tragedy befell my nice big pyrex baking dish, but it's time to move on and get a new one.

I've been looking at my dishes and they just. look. sad. I love my roommate's dishes, but she just has a set of four. In a perfect world, I would have a set of 10 dishes, salad plates and bowls. Pretty much any pattern would be nicer than my old chipped, mismatched ones.

I would love some new sheets with a high thread count. A couple years ago I splurged on sheets for the first time ever . . . they actually make it difficult to get out of bed. It would be great to have a second set for when they're in the wash.

After 13 long years and one really aggressive cat, it is finally time for a new yoga mat. Nothing fancy, just a nice sticky mat. That would be lovely. 

Is this the year where I will finally utilize my outdoor porches? Probably not. But an outdoor folding table would really help. Also, hey! Let's go crazy and admit it; I would love some Adirondack chairs. And a hammock. And some cool outdoor lighting concepts - candlelit storm lanterns perhaps?

I'd really like a composter - apparently the gardeners at my building are not cool with piles of rotting food being left in a heap in the back yard. Oopsies!

I adore the folding table I have (that opens out in two big leaves and stores four chairs inside), but it is about one clumsily placed beer stein away from total collapse. So I should probably think about replacing it.

I received a great storage solution for my movie games a couple years ago, but now it's overflowing. I am fantasizing about getting a credenza from Ikea with deep drawers for storing games in. Bonus if it's sturdy enough for people to sit on if I've got a ton of people over to watch a movie.

Other stuff:

I need a logo for TheBashionista! And then I want to put it on some shirts. And matchbooks.

Fun clothes for teaching dance in.

A microphone! This was recommended to me by one of my bandmates: When you have $70-$100 burning a hole in your pocket, I would recommend buying a Shure SM58 microphone. They make one with an On/Off switch on the mic, I think they call it a Beta SM58. This a great microphone for the price. You can find a used one on Craigslist>For Sale>Musical Instruments or try for a new one.

Fancy scented candles

Calendars with 60's images, or hilarious daily calendars

Subscriptions to Newsweek and Marie Claire

Massage at Inman Oasis in Cambridge

Yoga classes at Blissful Monkey in JP


Books that you think I will love reading in California!

Snapfish gift certificate for my all my photo projects.

Music I don't know I like yet. Or an itunes gift certificate.

Any Polaroid film that you, your loved ones and business associates might still be hoarding. I say this every year, but I still mean it. Alternatively, Fujifilm Instax (the credit-card size film). I finally broke down and bought the Instax camera last year and I adore it - but the film is pricey, so I've only been using it once a year for my birthday party.

A new ipod nano.

A new computer. The Lenovo (Thinkpad) was recommended to me, as it'll do exactly what I need, and not a whole lot more. Photo storage, internet multitasking, iTunes, word processing. That's about it.

A new, fancy camera with more manual functions/lenses. And photography lessons to go with it.

Gift certificate to Ten Tables.

Season tickets to the A.R.T.

A mansion in JP with a carriage house converted to a dance studio.

A bill of sale for The (old) Milky Way and all its contents.