September 27th, 2011



This past week marked the end of an era and that's never easy. But it was also a monumental week in several other ways.

I marked my 10 year college graduation with quite possibly the lamest reunion "celebration" of all time (once we accepted that every Drew-sponsored event was going to be excrutiatingly awkward, we split off and made our own party. Which . . . is not all that different from what going to Drew was like. At least we were trained for this!).

I also joined a new cover band as the lead singer and this week we picked our name: Who Wants Cake? We are performing for the very first time at Jacques on Friday, Oct. 7 - if you're in Boston, come check us out!

And this was the week where I hit 4,000 pageviews on my other blog - For the past 10 weeks I've been posting every weekday, and trying to build up a following. Every Tuesday launches with a how-to guide for throwing a new party. Wednesdays I write an advice column ranging from what to do to make your guests feel right at home, to what to do when your guests feel so at home that they are puking on every available surface. Thursdays I have a column written by one of my two guest chefs. Every Friday I roll out a playlist, fully downloadable on iTunes. And Monday is a recap day - a winning recipe, a photogallery, or what I learned in my Bashionista test kitchen.

Oh right, and I'm also still teaching my Nia class (every Thursday at Spontaneous Celebrations in JP - this week's class is a 2-for-1; an hour of yoga followed by an hour of Nia, 6:45-8:45 for the low price of $13). And, y'know, belonging to two book clubs, throwing a weekly supper club, traveling every other weekend, helping my sister plan her wedding, visiting my friends' adorable babies, working full time and trying to keep an herb garden alive. It's . . . a lot. But I'm grateful - for all the beautiful things in my life that remain, and the amazing friends who've got my back, and for the exciting projects that continue to evolve.

Oh, weird. I am so behind on facebook archieving that I am only up to August 2010 - which is right when the aforementioned era began. Well, here goes. Here's what I was up to a little over a year ago. With comments by Liz Bean, Hugh Beckett, Kristen Bonstein, Danielle Bowlin, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Shannon Daly, Zach Davis, Susan Doran, Mary Ferrara, Amanda Gordon, Kristina Horacek, Dan Kotler, Liz Laneri, Shawn Lucas, Steph Luzzi, Greg Marano, Sachin Master, Cara McAvoy, James McGregor, Chuck Meyer, Mike Mosey, John Perich, Jenny Rainey, Brad Reed, Roberto Reyes, Katie Taylor, Jen Toth, Mike Torres, Stacy Vachon.
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