December 23rd, 2009


And now I bring you May 2009

In a few short hours I leave for four family fun days in New York, including Christmas in Greenville, which is always a blast, from the shrimp cocktail served in actual cocktail glasses, to the beef wellington, to the afterparty, to the sleepover party, to brunch the next day. This year I will be doing a photo shoot of my dad to document the day. Really looking forward to it.

And THEN I'm heading to Grand Cayman for 11 days. I will be turning 31 hanging out on a beach with Kristina! She lives there now and I'm staying with her for the first week. I am so totally psyched for this.

Here is what I was up to back in May with the following guest commentors: Hugh Beckett, Aaron Blohowiak, Rich Burns, Dave Chin, Alyc Clark, Zach Davis, Susan Doran, Annie Garrity, Tom Kerrigan, Liz Laneri, Steph Luzzi, Greg Marano, Matt Marrone, Patrick O'Hanlon, Rob Riley, Susan Rubin, Noah Tobin, Linda Lea Wells, Darin Wolpert

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