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Dear Pretend Diary

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
11:49a - Where were you in March 2009?
The past few days have been emotionally, physically, and intellectually demanding in turn, to an outrageous degree. I kicked off this triathlon of sorts by making a grown man cry in a restaurant, and ended it last night with a stellar first date involving four hours of non-stop banter and three bottles of Schlitz. I am too distracted to even freak out about how much shopping I still have to do and how desperately I am lacking Nia funds to pay for said shopping. It's the most, craziest time, of the year.

Here are my posts from March 2009 with the following guest commentators: Rich Burns, Adam Costa, Martin Farawell, Mary Ferrara, Jameel Haque, Liz Laneri, Matt Marrone, Chuck Meyer, Jen Siegel, Noah Tobin, Mary Vriniotis, Janet Wertman, Austin Williams, Darin Wolpert

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