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Dear Pretend Diary

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Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
3:50p - Christmas Wish List

If you haven't already got your holiday shopping finished [mom], here are some things I have a yen for:

Birthday Party stuff:

The theme this year is Flashdance Electric Boogaloo. Mix CDs of great '80's dance music would be fantastic. So would any accessories or items of nostalgia people have lying around. Snoopy Sno-Cone machine, anyone? A functional lite-brite set? Or a refrigerator box for breakdancing. Also, referrals for skilled breakdancers.

I would also love blue Christmas lights, since mine burned out.

Housey stuff:

It would be kind of nice to have an outdoor table for my porch.

I adore the folding table I have (that opens out in two big leaves and stores four chairs inside), but it is about one clumsily placed beer stein away from total collapse. So I should probably think about replacing it.

I received a great storage solution for my movie games last year, but now it's overflowing. I am fantasizing about getting some kind of floor-to-ceiling wooden cabinet with letterbox size openings, that would hold about five big flat envelopes.

Light jars - still think they're a cool idea - they store up solar light all day, and glow for six hours at night.

Candles - Christmasy or otherwise

I am totally enamoured with these Dalidecals I found on etsy.com last year: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=17705405
http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18163219 (I'd want them any of them in dark brown to match the molding, except for the poppies which I think look great in deep red.)

Cat toys to keep Milo from turning my apartment into one big cat toy.

Other stuff:

A Cooler - I have a teeny one, but a full-size one would be pretty rad.

Fun clothes for teaching dance in.

A good-sized tent - 4-person or more

A hookah.

A new portable stereo. I love the one my parents gave me in high school, but it's finally getting decrepid and finicky about what it feels like playing.

A calender

Subscriptions to Newsweek and Marie Claire

Massage at Inman Oasis in Cambridge

Yoga classes at Blissful Monkey in JP


Books that you think I will love reading on the beach in Grand Cayman!

Photo albums for my photo shoots

Music I don't know I like yet. Or an itunes gift certificate.

A new ipod nano - I love the one I have currently, but it's about 3 years old and ever since an unfortunate incident in the rain, the on/off switch doesn't work, so I have to hit shuffle for go, and yank the headphones out for stop.

New headphones - sport ones that are relatively old school with the band that goes over the top of your head.

A GPS. I understand that this is becoming a human requirement? And it is my style to keep up with the Joneses of about five years ago.

Any Polaroid film that you, your loved ones and business associates might still be hoarding.

A ticket to Grassroots

Season tickets to the A.R.T.

A Vespa.

A country estate where I can grow and raise all of my own food.

A dance studio of my very own.

A bill of sale for The (old) Milky Way and all its contents.

Dance lessons from the choreographer of Sleep No More.

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