October 23rd, 2009


PMC folklore

I learned something new today! So our sports teams are known as the Pine Manor Gators - which has always seemed strange to me, as we are thousands of miles from the closest aligator living outside of captivity. Also, what? I can't think of any sports an alligator would be good at. Except eating and unpredictable fits of aggression. Maybe swimming, but we have no pool. Anyway.

Today I learned that back when we were a finishing school for rich white girls (long before we became The Most Diverse College in the US, 95% funded by government aid and outside scholarships), that Pine Manor girls Looooooved wearing Izod shirts. So much so that local boys would say, "I'm gonna get me a gator girl!" when they came a'calling to PMC. Somehow the "gator girl" name stuck. Now I'm just wondering why we didn't try to get sponsorship money from Izod.

In other news, I done done it. I got my hair chopped off so I can impersonate whitefire in the Halloween wedding of uksubs. But they cut way too much off. I'm kind of bummed. I mean, it's a cute haircut, and I told her to please please not give me a demure Republican haircut, and she definitely listened to me there, but I showed her three pix in magazines of the length I was going for, and it's way shorter than that. At one point as she was cutting away, she asked if she could razor it up so it didn't look mullety. That's right, Hugh, you have a mullet. And I don't. Oh well, I actually donated 8 inches! 

Of course, now I'm back at work and nobody has commented on the fact that I have 8 inches less hair, which means it must look really bad.  Ugh.