October 6th, 2009


Ooh, here's a fun game

 Since I kind of have Halloween costumes on the brain, here are a few pix I found on my computer.  First we have Anna Nicole Smith from last year.  And there she is again, being felt up by Elvis who is sharing himself with The Black Dahlia:

Unfortunately, the only pic I have of Pamela Anderson is in my old phone, may she rest in peace.  And I don't have a pic of myself when I was Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.  But two years ago I was a belly dancer, posing here with Shaun of the Dead:

Three years ago I went as Amelie from the photobooth scene.  I wrote in French "Do you want to meet me?"  The first part was on my hand, the second and third were on a placard around my neck, and the question mark was drawn on my belly.  Ok, it was a little esoteric.  But some people REALLY got it.  I am hanging out with a dark angel and Betty Boop, and then I'm busting a move with Frodo: