September 23rd, 2009


I miss you, LJ!

Ok. Here it is. I miss the hell out of livejournal. I've never been great about posting regularly, but I reeeeeally miss settling in for a nice read. Partly the problem is that facebook is sucking away all of my idle internet time. The rest of the problem is that facebook is sucking away everyone else's idle internet time.

Don't get me wrong, facebook is the new cell phone, you can't really be human without it, blah blah blah. But there's no doubt that it is the netflix to the video store that is livejournal and that makes me sad. For most people (and thankfully not everybody, there are still some great people posting really interesting stuff on here!) facebook satisfies that little Notice me! urge that gets us writing in the first place. And it's great for keeping tabs on people. But it will never replace LJ in my heart.

Facebook is like running into a friend when you're trying to catch a train - Hi, love your sweater, bye. You're glad you've seen them, nice to know their general geographic location, and that they're among the living, etc., but it's not the same as sharing a couple cups of coffee and a long talk.

My big dumb excuse for the recent three-month lapse is that I was going to do a big ol' post with pictures . . . which means going home for lunch and uploading pix off my camera and writing an entry and also trying to eat something and it turns out that I will Never Have That Kind of Time. So no more excuses! It's text you're gonna get.

So a lot has happened since we last spoke! And eventually I will tell you all about it. Right now I have to go to a sculpture dedication. Ho hum.