June 23rd, 2009


Achewood Pt. 18

Geez-o-man it has been a long time since I posted! The main reason for this is that for two out of the past three months I've been working shorter weeks, because for some damn reason they decided we are no longer allowed to roll over vacation time at work. It's been really nice hardly being here, but it sucks that I couldn't bankroll it into a long vacation.

Anyway, there is a lot to catch up on - too much for one entry. Suffice it to say since we last spoke, I have taught a slew of dance classes, made easily a dozen fondues, thrown 3 parties and a dozen dinner parties, seen 5 plays and one Aquarium, been in one cabaret, gone to a wedding shower and two baby showers, planned someone's Italian honeymoon, taken 3 trips to New York/New Jersey, one trip to the Cape, and one trip to DC, reconnected with one long-lost friend, hung out at a breakdance club, checked out the new Milky Way, and won at pub trivia! Oh yeah, and at some point I remembered that I own a digital camera, so I will be able to show you documentation.

But for now, gentle readers, I leave you with the latest installment of Achewood, another thing I dearly miss when I have fewer hours to screw around on the internet.

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