March 27th, 2009


Achewood Pt. 17

Before I head down to Wappingers Falls, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Hoboken, South Orange and back, let me tell ya about my week!

Matty came up last weekend for a therapeutic get-the-hell-out of Hoboken weekend. He showed up Friday and I made a big dinner, and immediately put him to work making oatmeal cookies. I wound up making three batches over the next four days and they were summarily devoured. America's Test Kitchen Cookbook does it again!

After dinner we had some quality drinking time at Boston Beer Works

- those are real live blueberries! -

and then went and saw I Love You, Man, which cracked me up. I am really impressed with Paul Rudd.

Saturday we went walking at Lexington and Concord, where I hid from the Redcoats

and we watched some Minute Men march off to war:

That night I threw an Economic Stimulus Party! This is totally going in my party-throwing book. Which means I should really get cracking on that before the economic upswing. I took polaroids of everybody making Employee of the Year faces, and then attached each one to a sheet of paper with the heading WILL _______ FOR FOOD and had people fill out their special "skills." Everybody made this little project their own, with stellar results! And now I have an art installation taking up a whole wall of my house.

I also collected $5 from everybody for a 50/50 raffle - so that helped cover my costs, and it also meant that lucky winner Maaaak got to go home with $40. And then Rebecca had the genius idea of holding a Montessori raffle where everybody wins something. Matt won a beer. Cousin Lauren won a free ticket to the Seven Deadly Sins Cabaret I'm going to be in. Rachel won a free Nia class. Kristopher had to dance for us, Elissa had to spell her name through modern dance, Shannon and Rob had to write and perform a four-line play, Jack and Rishi had to leg wrestle, Rich had to kiss Rob G, and Rebecca had to do her best impression of Christopher Walken performing Hamlet - you get the idea. It was a smashing success.

On Sunday Matt and Rachel and I had brunch at Centre Street, then he set up my new computer - I bought his old Mac; never thought I would make the switch, but his tutorial made me feel like I know my way around the new computer better than my old one. Score! On my way bringing him to the train, we were able to join the Milky Way funeral parade.


Afterwards, Sunday afternoon and evening hit me like a load of bricks, but everything's been ironed out since then and I'm feeling pretty great. And it's almost the weekend! My present to you is this month's installment of Achewood under the cut.

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