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Dear Pretend Diary

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Friday, March 13th, 2009
4:32p - Matter over mind

I taught Nia last night . . . and made negative $25.  Sigh.  It was bound to happen eventually, I guess, but it just feels like such a kick in the teeth.  I spent a ton of hours learning the choreo, which for some reason was particularly difficult this week (I alternate weeks where I make up my own routines and weeks when I use the routines that come with my Nia cert).  It felt like I was like trying to learn German . . . and then teach it a week later.  Nothing was sticking in my head.  In the end I put together a routine I was really happy with though - and Thursday rolled around and I only had one student, who prepaid a couple weeks ago.  I've always at least broken even, so I was really unprepared for this.  Ugh.

I feel pretty defeated today, but I have to say that last night at the end of class I was feeling elated.  For one thing, I had a pretty good idea going in that it was going to be  dead night, as I knew a bunch of my regulars were on vacation, or sick, or had told me days ago that they had conflicts; t's a much worse feeling going into Thursday morning thinking you've got half a dozen people coming and then having them cancel one by one all day long.  For another thing, my one student was Rachel M, and we totally had fun.  When she showed up and I said, looks like it might be a private class tonight, she was all clapping her hands and saying, YAY!  So that made me happy - it would have sucked if she had been self-consious being the only one and then less likely to come in the future.  Thirdly, DAMN! was that a kickass routine.  When it all came together, it was really fun to do.  The point being, Nia actually works, mannnnn.  It makes you feel awesome, even when your money is going down the drain. 

On a related note, I've been running again, and it really does make the stress melt away.  I'm hitting the gym in the next 12 minutes to get my weekend started right.

Ooooh!  And here's an important question:  I want to get a really cheeky onesie for my friend's baby shower, but I am very picky.  I don't want something that could be described as "darling."  Also, they won't know the sex, so I can't get something too pretty, or too butch.  What I want is something funny - but when I went on cafepress I was sorely disappointed.  Everything was either about crapping, - OBvious! - making fun of relatives - LAME! - talking about how awesome the parents are - LAMER! - or saying things like, "I'm what happened in Vegas," or "Daddy just wanted a blow job."  CRASS.  Not cool.  I feel like over the years I have seen so many awesome ones at places like Pluto (RIP) and now that I need one I can't find any.  Oh also, I am totally broke (see above) which sadly rules out the majority of South End shops.  Anyone have suggestions?

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