March 6th, 2009


Mr. President! You shouldn't have.

Thanks to Obama's economic stimulus package, there were 20 extra dollars in my paycheck this week. I feel like I just went to the movies with the president and he got me a huge tub of popcorn and a soda JUST FOR ME. That is rad!

Apparently not everyone wants Obama to be their boyfriend, though. I was in a Starbucks in Brookline this morning - believe me, not my first choice, but I am on a quest to find a halfway decent breakfast sandwich in Brookline on mornings I wake up there, and have thus far been thwarted - and I overheard a bunch of old white dudes bitching and moaning about Obama. I tried to pick out an actual *complaint* but it was stuff like, "And now he's got this STIMULUS PACKAGE." Eyes roll. "Yeah, tell me about it. Stimulus package." "Well, he sure stole that election." Not a lot of intelligent political discourse there.

What a week it's been! Friday was so money. Rob came over for dinner - through blind luck I made salmon that just melted in your mouth, with some pesto pasta and endive salad on the side. We finished in just enough time to meet up with everybody to go see Tragedy! the all-metal tribute band to the Beegees. Rob, I think, was skeptical at first. I could almost hear him thinking, "I'm not that crazy about the Beegees. I am also not that crazy about metal." However, the two *combined* are sheer brilliance. Whitefire had played me enough of their songs for me to be really excited about this show - the Beegees are actually pretty amazing song writers, once you slap all the cheesiness out of them with a big metal stick. The effect is hilarious and totally rockin' at the same time. What I was not expecting was the amount of pageantry involved. The three "brothers" take the stage wearing all white with sequinned accents. The larger, long-haired brother looks a little reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne and has his shirt totally unbuttoned. The leaner brother has a thick black beard and hair in his eyes that looks completely sexy in a 1970's sort of way. Also, the two of them look like they stuck their faces down the barrell of a glitter cannon. The baby brother is on guitar and is kind of the silent partner, but he's also a tremendous showman. He chewed gum the entire time and bopped around wearing his pink "Time to fuck" t-shirt, climbed all over the drums, ran through the audience, hoppped over the back bar and banged on their gong. They had two back-up dancing ladies who were totally not fucking around. And they all managed to mostly obscure the large hairy shirtless drummer in the back. After their first song Brother #2 says, There is no need to applaud! We know you are DECIMATED!!  They also referred to themselves repeatedly as The Greatest All-Metal Tribute Band to the Beegees in the Northeast Corridor! Their show is full of witty banter, ridiculous metal fables about virgins impregnated by demons, and kick-ass rock&roll. If you ever get the chance, GO SEE THEM.

After the show, Rob and I scooted on over to the Charles, and I really have to thank DJ Jimmy.  We waltzed in there at 1am, I said hi to my friends, Jimmy spotted me and said, Liz!  I know what you're singing and you're up next.  Five minutes later he had me up there singing Lovefool.  That is absolutely the closest I will ever come to being Ron Burgundy and taking the stage to play a little jazz flute.

The rest of last weekend was really chill.  Had loads of time to putter around the house on Saturday, then got myself a pedicure in the South End - it's been a week and my toes still look so good I could cry.  Headed over to Rob G's party which was really fun.  Did a little dancing, did a lot of talking, watched some of my friends get uncharacteristically and hilariously drunk - one of whom was Whitefire, who then crashed on my couch.  Midmorning we headed over to Myrtle for a brunch feast with Rachel and Rebecca - holy crap!  We had quite a spread:  Blueberry pancakes, omelettes with avocado, perfect home fries, sliced grapefruit, mexican coffee, pastries from Canto 6.  Then Rachel saved my life by taking two hours to wrestle with itunes and burn me the disc for this week's class [My burner is DEAD.  Fantastic.]  The snow started falling and Whitefire and I rented Step Brothers - I cannot believe it took me this long to see it!  I watched it two and a half times already.

The best thing about last weekend was having a Surprise! 3-Day weekend.  Oh, snow days, how I love thee.  Rob came over just in time to be snowed in which was lovely.  Monday was such an awesome lazy day.  Punctuated by supper club!  Thanks to all of my die-hard members who braved the snow.

I am choosing to reminisce about the good times, rather than dwelling on the end of an era: The Last Karaoke Night Ever at the Milky Way, with special guests: The Nickel and Dime Band.  God, what an amazing night.  So many ghosts of karaoke past were in attendance.  I really can't believe its actually over.  It's just heartbreaking, really.  I am buoyed only by the hopes that the new place will give karaoke a fair shake again, that The Nickel and Dime boys will finally get some other gigs together like they keep talking about, and maybe, just maybe, some insane lunatic will take over the lease in the old space, and maybe then we will have, gasp! TWO venues in Jamaica Plain.  I don't think anything could quite compare, but I am daring the business powers that be to prove me wrong.