February 25th, 2009


Achewood Pt. 16

I am a little sad, because I am finally up to a point where I'm reading Achewoods that came out when I started reading Achewood. [If you think about it, it makes sense.]

Anyway, the next installment is under the cut. But first I will sum up the past two weeks or so by saying it has been a period of epic highs and lows. I had one of the lowest number of students for my class - and then I had one of the highest. I gained two pounds. Then I lost two pounds. I've been to many parties, most of which were lovely, some of which spiraled unexpectedly into ridiculous drama. There have been moments where I've walked the fine line of diplomacy. And there have been nights of great victory; Ben came to town! I made us dinner, we finally got a chance to catch up, and then I took him around Boston and brought together a whole lot of familiar faces from the cast of Hair. I got to babysit Luna Merry! For all of ten minutes. But still, she climbed into my lap and demanded that I read books to her and my little heart just melted. I won the fan favorite award at the Iron Chef Jamaica Plain competition! The common ingredient was squash, so I made a squash and jalapeno risotto with fontina topped with a lake of pesto.

I had a blind date that made me want to run screaming for the exit. And then I had blind date that was, just, awesome. Things can change dramatically overnight, I've always said so.

Enough about that. Collapse )