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Dear Pretend Diary

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
It's time for another Tuesday installment of Achewood! But first: I am conducting a poll. I'm looking for great dance scenes in '90's movies. Good fight choreography counts too, if it's '90's iconic - stuff from The Matrix, for example.

I'm turning 30 and throwing myself a prom at the Footlight Club! And my dream is to get all this footage, burn it to disc and project it. I've got a pretty big list so far, but if you have any suggestions, lay 'em on me. Also, if you live nearby and have access to a projector, I'm still working on tracking one down, so that would be a help, too.


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12:14p - Hellzapoppin
While I'm on the subject of amazing dance sequences, this clip from the movie Hellzapoppin comes to mind - my sister showed it to me during one of our youtube binges. It's tempting me to break my rule that all the footage should come from the '90's. (If you're impatient, forward to 2:40 to get to the dance break.)

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