November 17th, 2008


Boston does it again!

That was an awfully good weekend.

Matty was up visiting, and I showed him such a good time, he's threatening to move here.  I hope it's not just talk, because I think that would be awesome - not just for the selfish reason that I wouldn't have to trek all the way to Hoboken to see him, but because I think Boston would do lots of great things for him.

In the course of his stay . . .
* we gave three performances of Annie, including probably our best and our worst performances to date - luckily Matt & my parents saw the winner.
* I dragged a bunch of castmates down to karaoke at the Charles where we rocked the house, and then timed our departure so we were right at the front of the NY Pizza line, and there was much rejoicing.
* we hit up the Sam Adams Brewery tour and were nice and tipsy before noon.
* we were joined by my parents, whitefire, Angus & Michelle & Luna, and we went walking in the Forest Hills Cemetery, which is super-creepy in November.  It is also the perfect place to bring baby Luna, because if your heart explodes from cuteness, they don't have far to take you.
* we took a quick stroll down in the South End, and I got to show off Bobby from Boston to the uninitiated.
* we got Sunday brunch with my parents at Centre Street, where again, we timed it perfectly so that half our party only had to wait on line for about 7.8 seconds.
* we managed to get to Quincy Market, wander around and watch some street performers all before my Sunday matinee
* in a stroke of serendipity we worked it out so he got to spend the afternoon bowling with Mary while I was being a Hoovervillain.
* we went with Rachel to Kashmir where I had the greatest paneer of my life in a nice shahi korma sauce.
* we were able to squeeze in a Strangers with Candy episode and still make it with one minute to spare for trivia at Costello's with Mary, where we came in third, which sounds crappy until you realize how much we were sucking in the first half.
* we made it just in the nick of time for the late show of Changeling, a horrible story amazingly well told.

Well, that is what it takes to completely exhaustify me.  I am looking forward to a rare quiet evening at home tonight, visions of netflix dancing in my head.