November 23rd, 2004



Ok, so I'm back after a million years to find that my journal has moved to a site with an even lamer name [I'm here before you today, LJ, because I don't want to have anything to do with]. I predict that like a phoenix, this journal will rise from the ashes and fly straight into a plate glass window.

Since I'm now really really the only person who will ever read this, I will just completely rip off of another of Hugh's LJ quizzes. Giddy up.

10 Years ago

1. I was 15 and living in Wappingers Falls, NY.
2. I rode a sweet little red hybrid bike everywhere so my mom wouldn't know where I was.
3. Having slept my way (figuratively speaking) into the editorship of the high school literary mag, I was well on my way to running it into the ground.
4. I was also the vice president of the environmental club, which I hoped would give me a platform for organizing group hikes and adopting a manatee, and in few short months I would resign, hopes dashed.
5. I babysat for a couple of kids, one of whom was six and loved nothing better than to disappear into his room and emerge completely naked minutes before his parents were coming home, just to give me a frikkin heart attack.

5 Years ago

1. I was 20 and a junior at Drew University, living with Healey in Umoja,
and doing yoga just about every day.
2. Went on a DIS to the American South West and came back with a pierced naval; my mother cried about it for about a day, then forbade me from letting my cousins see it.
3. I had about four different jobs; housecleaning, teaching religion to pre-schoolers, product testing, lifeguardingx2, restaurant hostessing at the fabled 84 Diner all summer, and in October landed an internship at Dodge, where I still work.
4. Matt and I drove to Disneyworld in the winter and Tiger Stadium in the summer, and threw our third annual property party. I also threw myself a totally '80's birthday party.
5. While jogging with Linda for the first and only time, she happened to mention that there was still time to apply for the London abroad program, which kind of changed my life.

3 Years ago

1. I was 22 and living in my very first apartment - on the third floor of what turned out to be a halfway house.
2. After graduation, I signed on full-time as the Poetry Program Assistant at GRD, and I wrote a joke horoscope column/edited for the
3. My car was an '89 Honda Accord with a penchant for breaking down spectacularly.
4. I went on a date about a month after 9/11 with a Pakistani guy who told me his life's dream was to take out a dictatorship and hopefully die in the process.
5. I spent my birthday in Boulder with Adra, threw myself a '60's protest party, and before Toly relapsed into drug abuse and returned to northeast Philly, we did manage to take a pretty awesome hash-soaked trip to Paris.

1 Year Ago

1. I was 24 and living in my fourth apartment since graduation - an awesome 300-year old house in Brookside with a pool, a lake, and a piano, and kick-ass roommates.
2. Had been promoted to Poetry-in-the-Schools Coordinator, and after about a year in that position was briefly involved in a pretty sticky mess, which luckily cost me only sleep and most of my dignity, and not my job. Gave a couple of featured readings.
3. My one-year-old Saturn already had 30k miles on it.
4. I started serially dating prep school teachers.
5. I spent my birthday in Poughkeepsie, threw myself a '40's film noir party, went to a writer's conference in West Virginia, and then spent nearly three weeks partying hard in Spain with Susan and Marcus.

This Year

1. While angling to buy two different houses, both of which fell through, I managed to live in two different apartments with a third on the way at the end of this month - currently living with Greg and Susan in Somerset, where I found my favorite yoga studio ever.
2. Started dating Hugh.
3. Lived through my third Poetry Fest and got a poem published in Big Hammer.
4. Thanks to Hugh, have gotten hooked on shisha, karaoke, Indian donuts, the Faint, Strangers with Candy, and sleeping in.
5. Spent the holidays in Boulder and Santa Fe, visting Healey and Valerie, threw myself a '30's speakeasy birthday party, spent a really blissed-out week in Florida with Hugh, managed to get away to Martha's Vineyard before the Fest onslaught, and recouperated in Boston afterwards.


1. Checked out a potential site for some poetry sessions in west jersey.
2. Bought 1/4 lb. of green beans and got it exactly right on the first grab. Sometimes I scare myself.
3. Read the Drew alum magazine and daydreamed about becoming a professional house sitter.
4. Went to Starbucks with Greg to say farewell to New Brunswick, who would have treated me better if I'd only let her.
5. Watched Stuck on You which is far greater than the sum of its parts.


1. Came in obscenely late for work because I had to pack for vacation.
2. As soon as I finish this, I get to have Portuguese rolls dipped in Kalamata olive oil. Yum!
3. Hopefully solving the world's problems through poetry in the next couple hours.
4. Spending the afternoon hanging out at Egan's surprise baby shower in the office.
5. Going to Nonna & Uncle Bob's for dinner where I'll get to eat insanely rich food and see Janet, Adlei & co, and go running around the neighborhood, even though they'll ask me to just run laps around the house so that I don't get snatched.


1. Nonna will wake up at the crack of dawn with me just to make sure I eat cantaloupe AND an English muffin AND cereal AND tea AND remember to take whatever clothes she dug up for me in the attic.
2. I'll actually get to work reasonably on time and hopefully tie up loose ends for the weekend.
3. I'll go for my appointment at the endocrinologist's and make excuses about why I never got the bloodtest she ordered.
4. I'll get home in time to do some yoga, hang out with mom & dad and go out for some manner of Asian cuisine.
5. Hugh's coming down for Thanksgiving! Which means I should be getting a tour of his new car.