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Absinthe & Ether Frolic

Mark your calendars! My ether frolic is slated for January 13, which is the Saturday in MLK weekend. Let me know here or on the (eventually) forthcoming evite if you'll be able to make it.

So the theme of this party is the aughts (1900-1909) and I've done a little research. We're talking *Finding Neverland* era, if you're looking for inspiration. This is also the era of art nouveau, impressionism, and ash-can modernism. This is also when *The Wizard of Oz* was written.

Ladies: Carrie Nation took out 50 saloons on a hatchet rampage, Jane Toppan was a nurse who went on a serial murder spree using morphine, and schoolteacher Annie Tyler went over Niagara Falls in a barrel before it was a cliche. Mata Hari began exotic dancing, Maria Montessori began teaching, Marie Curie was honored for her research, and socialite Caroline Astor died of dementia.

Guys: You've got artists like Edward Hopper, Gauguin, Cezanne, Picasso in his blue period, Matisse in his fauvre phase. You have musicians like Verdi, Enrico Caruso, and Antonin Dvorak. Writers and thinkers like Freud & Jung, Chekov & Ibsen, and oh, my favorite, August Strindberg. McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft all served as president.

FDR married Eleanor, Fatty married Minta, Shakleton found the north pole, we took over Alaska and Hawaii and invented the muffuletta. Whooo!

OK, wardrobe. If you're not in the mood to come in costume, dress to impress in suits and long dresses. If you feel like accessorizing, here are some ideas:

Men wore 3-piece suits, top hats, bolwers, or straw hats, caps with driving goggles were also popular, high collars and bow ties, canes, and devilish monocles.

Women, if you can't get your hands on a ridiculous bathing costume, you can dress things up with corsets, garters, floppy bowties, straw boater or obscenely large hat, high lace collars or low-cut for evening, elbow-length gloves, hobble skirts, drawstring bags, and over-the-top victorian jewelry.

Happy holidays, kids!
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