misslizzers (misslizzers) wrote,

High on Middle Management

I feel like a grown-up today, and it actually doesn't feel bad. Still totally psyched about having my own office, windows, artwork and all. It is a virtual playground of philanthropy. Today I emptied a bunch of files and stuck their contents up on the wall - because I can do that now! It's really liberating.

And I did all the responsible, going to the market, getting the car serviced, picking up the dad stuff, but I still let my hair down as soon as I leave the office and rock out to eighties music, even if I am right behind my boss and my whole ecstatic dance is illuminated by his tail lights. They've known me since I was twenty, and by God, I am going to act that way until I die.

I'm also psyched b/c Stephie and I are running away to Delaware this weekend and holing up in a town we've never been to before. Should be fun. It was originally going to be a retreat for me to bring my books and my works-in-progress, and leave my snug little bed&breakfast only for lobster bisque and late night mingling with the locals, but now together we're going to be unstoppable. We'll be like Bonnie and Bonnie.

Favorite Conversation:

J. and I were talking about Delaware and things, and I said something about how I hoped I'd make some new friends or something, and he told me I have "more guts per square inch" than anyone he knows, which was awfully sweet of him. Then he tried to talk me through how I'm going to tell this guy I'm not interested by role-playing, only it got too scary b/c his impression of the guy is flawless.

Top 5 scariest marketing ploys (aside from emails with subject lines that say, here are your two free airline tickets, when they are in fact for stapling your stomach or enlarging parts you don't even have):

5. The freaking shopumentary footage they show now on little tv's in NYC cabs.
4. The half-dressed models who make appearances peddling Bacardi in bars and shepherding you into Abercrombie & Fitch.
3. Mike Meyers doing a 180 degree product placement reversal in only three films. :-(
2. Infomercials. All that insincerity gives me the sweats.
1. Toddler happy meals. Seriously! Think about it. They have happy meals with toys for kids under three - which means that before you can even say "fries" they are teaching you that a meal is not complete without a generous helping of saturated fat. Oh, yeah, a potato's a vegetable. And I'm Amelia Earhart. No, really, I am! I'm fine! Safe and sound. Nothing to worry about. It just took me a really long time to get internet access.
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