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This was one of those weekends that reminds me why I have such an intense crush on Boston. I've been playing host to out-of-towners - Anne & Bennett & Susan (who's around until Wednesday) - and I've had a blast showing them around.

Friday was a banner night at the Charles, with Anne, Justin, Brad & Derek showing up for the first time and joining regulars Hugh, Zach, Kristin, Steve, Abby & Kristopher. On an ordinary night we would have owned the place, but it was no ordinary night. The room was packed and jumpin' - but packed for the Charles means I still got to sing twice, plus help out on a few duets. I'm psyched to see the Milky Way join forces with the Charles. The highlight of the night was Justin & Zach's duet of The Humpty Dance where together they outsung Senior Humpty himself.

Saturday was full of my favorite things: Nia yoga with my girls, Centre Street brunch, Little Miss Sunshine (my new favorite disfuntional family road trip movie) and a great bunch of people drinking heavily and swapping mix CD's at Liz Z's. I totally didn't think I was drunk until I kept forgetting I had things in the oven. Thank the sweet baby jesus for attentive friends with a vested interest in not seeing pigs-in-blankets burn. Intoxication couldn't keep my team from a victory in Celebrity though - it was a total rout. And while I caught flack from the judges for my charade, I'd like to see them mime Kim Jong Il without looking like a total racist.

Sunday Susan & Bennett and I spent the afternoon walking around Boston and spying on the Beacon Hill residents. Bennett's finally ready to leave Philly and I'm making my hardest sales pitch for moving up here. And Boston in summertime is pretty easy merch to move.

In no particular order, here were a few of my favorite conversations:

I. Bennett: My mom is a big practical joker. Last April Fool's Day she told her 75-year-old boyfriend that she was pregnant. He totally fell for it. So she waited four days to tell him she was kidding.

II. [After watching The Squid and the Whale]
Me: I am never having sons!
Susan: And I am never jerking off and wiping my semen all over school.
Me: I would rather wipe my semen all over school than date any of the Baldwins.

III. Bennett: In Philly when you see sketchy people, you know they're dangerous. But in JP even the sketchy people don't seem that sketchy.
Me: Yeah, the scariest thing they're liable to do is vote Socialist.
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