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Melt THIS Banana

It's Thursday and I am sleepy-sleepster. Went out to see Melt Banana last night in Montclair - they're this insane Japanese punk band. They put on a fucking great show. Really tight, super fast and Weems said he's seen them reduce guys with skull piercings into gooey puddles of love and admiration. The singer is totally adorable and she wails - I couldn't tell if it was scat singing, Japanese, or some kind of English, but whatever it is, it's fast and furious and knocks you out. The combined weight of the band cannot be more than 250 lbs., but they're totally fierce. And the coolest thing is the lead singer is completely genuine. Weems is one of the two founding members of their unofficial fan club. He went up to her at the end, and at first she didn't recognize him. Just gave this little tentative wave - and then recognition breaks out on her face and she runs up and it's clear that she's really happy to see him. That was cool.

I wish I could blame the show for my tiredness, but the thing started at 6pm and I was home in my jammies by 11. I was unconscious by 11:01. I didn't make it through Jon Stewart's monologue. I didn't even make it through the first news graphic. I know, I know, you think I'm getting old, but really, I'm just getting sick. The past three days three different people in my department have been out sick, and this morning I've got a killer sore throat. Maybe it's a goiter. Is it possible to grow a goiter overnight at the age of 23? Get out of my way, little goiter! I've got places to go.

Favorite Conversation
Weems was telling me about the first time he met the band. Their ad said they put American punk to shame, so he and his friend went and ran up to them after the show, told them they were great. Later he wrote to them online and said he and his friends wanted to be official banana-heads. She said, your friend is our first official banana-head. His number is 01. What is your number? Weems picked 1,000,006. The next time they were in town - like, 2 years later - Weems went to the show wearing a shirt that said Bananahead #1,000,006. And at the end of the show, the lead came up to him, and said, where is number 01!? They're so cool.

Top 5 favorite concert moments (excluding last night)
5. Watching Tori grab her crotch, front row, 1998.
4. Getting clobbered by the Hell's Angels in the front row of a Ramones show, 1996.
3. Dancing to TMBG's cover of New York City, in New York City, on Valentine's Day, wiht my honey, 1997.
2. Little progressive funk show at the Oasis in New Paltz, 3 weeks ago. The band gets off stage, and the saxophonist comes up to me and says, you danced to every song. You danced to *every* song. You have no idea what that means to me! Oh, yeah.
1. REM concert 2000 - 8 of us go and stop at Burger King on the way, where we pick up Burger King crowns and write stuff on them like, "King of Comedy," "World Leader Pretend," etc. We're spread out all over the Tweeter Center in pairs - my boyfriend is front row center, I'm way in the back with my sister. I can spot Matty because of the crown. In the middle of a song, Michael Stipe stops the show, and asks Matty if he can borrow his crown, which he wears for the rest of the song. People around me were like, you know him, right?? And walking out, people were honking their horns at us, girls were asking if they could touch the crown, it was fucking awesome.
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