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I just found airfare to Mexico City for $160 for a week starting March 28! Who's with me?

[crickets chirping. spurs jangling. tumbleweed . . . tumbling.]

That's ok, I don't really expect any takers, but I am going even if I have to give my boss one of my kidneys as collateral for the extra vacation day. I have been talking about going to Mexico and settling for Anna's Taqueria for far too long. I want to order tequila without people thinking I'm being "balsy", I want my hair to frizz up like I share a stylist with Richard Simmons, I want to speak Spanglish and dance all night, I want to go back to the Yucatan and learn how to curse in Mayan, and I want to soak in the ocean while everyone I know is wearing mittens. Oh man, it's gonna be sweet.
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