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Spike Jonze is filming me

Took an exceptionally long weekend this weekend so that I could make it to Kristen's show as well as my sister's boyfriend's housewarming party. Twelfth Night of the Living Dead was awesome - I feel bad for everybody who missed it. The bard writes a good zombie flick.

Afterwards, I went to Alison's party at Hotel QT in the theater district. Where there is a swanky bar crammed with beautiful people. And a pool kept at 80degrees with full bar service, and a couple of tiers of amphitheater style loungey seating. And all you do is walk right in off the street - no line, no carding, no cover, no minimum, no communicable disease screening. Shit yeah. You have got to check this place out before the inevitable syphilis outbreak shuts it down.

Last night Susan and Bennett threw their housewarming soiree - their new place is so awesome and they packed it full of hipsters - I haven't seen that many pairs of killer shoes outside of the Short Hills Mall. The floors are all bamboo and one wall of the building is exposed brick. Between last night and tonight, I feel like my life has turned into a music video.
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