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I had a kick-ass weekend giving Steph's brother Johnny a highlight tour of Boston. Yesterday we had the epic good fortune to get half price tickets to Shear Madness (I got a coupon for Christmas), and since we made friends with the bartender, he hooked us up with half price obstructed view seats for Blue Man Group, which were bumped up to THIRD ROW CENTER since the blizzard kept so many people away. So if you do the math, we saw two plays for less than what it would have cost to see one and got unheard of seats, and also, since we were in an audience of six for SM, Johnny and I rocked the vote and got to see the ending that plays only about 3% of the time. And THEN, for all of our "suffering," the Shear Madness box office guy gave me two free tickets to use whenever. Holy crap. I'm a fucking rock star this week.

Johnny and I also went to see Hugh's play which was worth seeing (so tempted to spoil the ending, but I won't, Queen Philip). All evening before the show started J & I were playing a tournament of Kill/Marry/Fuck Her, which lasted until we exhausted the supply of freakishly dressed senior citizen audience members. The toughest moment for me was deciding between Donald Trump/George Bush/Dick Cheney - no matter what I decided, my mother would kill me. I retaliated by giving Johnny Liz Taylor, Janet Reno, and Joan Rivers. With impeccable logic, he said, "Janet Reno has Parkinson's . . . so doesn't that make her, like, a human vibrator?"
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