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My date with Corky St. Clair

So in my second concerted effort to make new friends in Boston, I joined my friend Michelle's acting workshop. And I had an awesome time. It's something I've always been interested in, but felt like I was too late to the party to show up. Happily, I am tied with one other person for youngest member of the group - and how often does that happen anymore?

"An hour and a half of improv exercises" is a phrase that would usually make me uncontrollably itchy, but in my current spirit of reinvention, I just dove right in and it was much less intimidating than it sounds. Most of the exercises were about making eye contact and I'm part of the 25% of the population who actually enjoys doing that.

I have to say that the creepiest part was having to stare into Michelle's eyes while repeating the same phrase back and forth for the better part of half an hour. I'm not usually susceptible to hypnotism, but if I found out later that I had recited my credit card number and PIN I wouldn't be all that surprised. I do have the feeling of lost time.

It was emotionally exhausting and exciting at the same time and my face felt tired for two days afterwards. If I keep this up, my eyebrows will be able to place in an ironman competition.

We went out for drinks afterwards, and somebody asked me if I had been acting long. I did the looking-at-my-watch mime* and said, "yeah, about four hours." [*That mime is so out of date. What I need to learn how to do is the I'm-looking-at-my-clamshell-phone mime. All the cool kids will be doing it. Then again, that mime looks a lot like the I'm-flipping-open-my-pocketwatch mime, so maybe it'll just be confused for ultra-retro.]

While out, I ran into another couple of friends:

Sedata: That guy you're with is HOTT.

Me: Yes, well, literally the only thing I know about him is that he drives an SUV and doesn't wear a seatbelt, so he's all yours.


Me: I'm expecting a call from the writers of _Emily's Reasons Why Not_ any day now.
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